Chicago Solutions Announces Objectives for Coming Year

The Chicago Solutions leadership team is planning for personal, professional, and organizational growth in 2019. Matt, the firm's Director of Operations, discussed some of the specific goals that he is setting for the company.

​Expansion and growth are common aims for business leaders at any time of the year, but Matt is especially focused on these Chicago Solutions objectives for the coming year. He will be opening at least four to five new offices in 2019, while also scouting out potential markets for expansion as well. 

To support these plans, Matt is renewing his determination to help his team members, both current and future, in their professional development journeys. He will be especially concerned with building leaders, who will play vital roles when it comes time to open new offices. 

Coaches will be significant to Chicago Solutions’ future as well, because recruiting will skyrocket in May. New offices will require new team members who are prepared to continue providing excellence in dynamic advertising and helping local business partners grow.

In fact, a commitment to continual learning is one of the hallmarks of a Chicago Solutions career, according to Matt. Workshops, seminars, and even travel opportunities that get team members around top producers in the industry ensure that sales and marketing managers are prepared to achieve success at every level of their professional journeys.

Building and Maintaining Momentum Is a Crucial Element of Chicago Solutions’ Success

Building on the momentum of 2018 is one of the main strategies that Matt plans for Chicago Solutions in the coming year. While Newton’s First Law of Thermodynamics is designed to describe actual objects in motion, it’s also a very apt metaphor to describe the way people and organizations progress toward a desired end. 

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, so Matt is focused on ensuring that the internal positive energy created by all the firm’s triumphs in 2018 continues to inspire in the coming year. Along with training and travel, Matt will also use team nights, office contests, and a variety of other methods to ensure that Chicago Solutions continues to grow.

In fact, Matt is certain that by building on Chicago Solutions’ momentum, he will exceed his goals for 2019. With this kind of growth on the horizon, there has never been a better time to consider a career with the firm. 

About Chicago Solutions 

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